Get More Value Out of Any Watch You Buy

When you invest in a new watch, whether you have a preference for Sekonda watches or Ice watches, it is going to be important that you get as much value out of it as you can.

Watches can sometimes be quite expensive, especially if you choose to buy one of the best models from the most famous brands.

Here, then, are a few tips to help you get the most out of your watch so that you get more value out of your investment.

1. Take Care of It Properly When Not Using It

When your watch is strapped around your wrist you will be aware of its presence and will be able to look after it suitably. However, when you are not wearing it, such as during the night, you should ensure that it is safe and protected by keeping it somewhere where it will not get damaged.

One of the best places to keep it is in a drawer near to your bed, but make sure that the inside of the drawer is dry and that there are no other hard objects inside it like other items of jewellery. These can scratch the watch if you are not careful.

2. Use it How it Was Intended to Be Used

Some watches are designed to be used in sporting situations. Take Rotary Divers watches, for example. These were built to be used by divers and can withstand large amounts of pressure.

Other models such as certain Adidas watches are built to be used whilst playing sports, and as such it is safe to use them in this way.

However, some watches are not built to be used for sports, gardening or any other activities where they may otherwise get damaged. To protect your watch and get more value from it, make sure that you only use it how it was meant to be used.

3. Get it Checked Up Regularly

The money you spend on getting your watch checked by a professional can save you more in the long run because it will end up lasting longer. Take your watch to a pro who can give it a clean and check that everything is in working order. If there are any problems they can fix the watch and make sure that the problems do not become worse, and then you can enjoy your watch for longer.


Look After Your Watch and Use it for Longer

A watch can sometimes be a large investment. If you invest in Police watches, Rotary watches or other similar designer / branded watches, make sure that you look after it carefully using the tips above and you will find that you get even more value out of it over the years.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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Watch Care Tips – Get More From Your Watch

Want to ensure that your watch lasts as long as possible? Then you are going to have to look after it properly. Watches like Casio watches, Rotary watches and L.E.D watches are precious items which require the correct care and attention if they are to last a long time, so make sure that you follow these simple tips and you will stand a better chance of being able to enjoy your watch for longer.

1. Store It Away Safely

You won’t be wearing your watch all the time, and when it is not on your wrist then you should make sure that it is kept somewhere safe. This usually means somewhere secure like a box or a draw which is also dry because damp can cause serious problems in watches. Also be careful that you don’t store any other hard objects alongside it like other items of jewellery as these can scratch the watch.

2. Get Regular Checks

One of the best things that you can do to keep Seksy watches, Kenneth Cole watches and other quality makes of watches in good condition is to take them to a watch specialist from time to time. A watch is very unique and special, and in order to keep it in optimum condition it makes sense to get it checked over by a specialist. They can fix anything that is not working and give it a good clean to make sure that you get as much life out of it as you can.

3. Don’t Use It in the Wrong Places

Even a strong, well-made watch should be used with care. This means making sure that you do not use it whilst you are carrying out certain activities such as operating machinery at home or at work. You should also be careful when you are taking part in an activity like a sport or gardening because this is an easy way for watches such as Police watches and Armani Exchange watches to become damaged.


Get More Years Out of Your Watch

A good watch from a specialist manufacturer like Rotary watches, Ice watches and Citizen watches can last for many years. However, this will only be the case if you take proper care of it and treat it with the respect it deserves. So follow the tips in this article and make sure you get many more years out of your precious timepiece.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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Emulate Your Favourite Celebrity With a Designer Watch

Designer watches are great. They are stylish, classy and can really help you to make an impression, wherever you are, whether a posh social event or in the office.

But one of the best things about designer watches is that they can help you to emulate your favourite celebrities. Here are some of the watches that celebrities have been spotted wearing in case you want to wear the same.

Casio Watches

Casio watches are some of the most popular watches in the world. The range of casio watches covers all budgets, from very cheap digital watches to some much more upmarket models. For that reason, Casio watches are worn by normal people and celebrities alike.

This Japanese company has over half a century of experience, and it is fondly remembered by many for its revolutionary calculator watches.

However, if you want to wear a Casio that will make you look like a star then try out the G-Shock range. This is one of the most popular Casio watches at the moment, and it was worn by Bradley Cooper in the new film ‘The A-Team’.

James McAvoy is another fan of Casio watches, and he was spotted wearing one in the Hollywood film ‘Wanted’. The Casio A168W-1 is a cheaper model, but its benefits are that it is very reliable and stylish.

Diesel Watches

Diesel watches are some of the most classic watches around. This Italian company is well known for its clothing and especially its jeans, but its watches are now very iconic and worn by some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Look out for the Diesel DZ7076 watch on the wrist of Sam Rockwell in the film ‘Moon’, where he was spotted sporting the timepiece. Diesel has a classic style to it that many people really like, and if you want to emulate some of the most famous celebrities and look like a style icon yourself then it could be well worth investing in one of these watches.


Copy the Celebs and Boost Your Style

There are many other watches worn by celebrities, and it is always a good way for you to tell what is in fashion at a particular moment. Keep your eye open to see what your favourite celebrities are wearing, and then invest in the same brand to really look the part. Whether you are looking for Ice watches, Rotary watches, Sekonda watches or any other make, you are sure to find a celebrity wearing one, and now you can do the same.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

Adidas Watches – Encapsulated Elegance and Motion

Adidas watches all come from the fact that Adolf Dassler, known as Adi, founded a company on 18th August 1949. His company incorporated part of his name, and originally focused on selling shoes. He was quite successful in this respect and Adidas shoes can now be found all over the world. The company eventually branched out into making various types of accessories, and Adidas watches are now highly sought after all over the world.

Adidas watches have a delightful sleek futuristic stylish sweep to their design. They certainly complement the company’s line of famous shoes in a way that no other accessory could, and they have a charm and uniqueness all of their own. Many of the Adidas watches sport the famous three stripes, usually on the watch strap, which has become so much a trademark of this highly successful company.

The designer of Adidas watches have somehow managed to design many of their range of unique watches to look as if they are in motion. This of course is very fitting for a company that built its fortune on sport shoes, and no doubt is deliberate. There is little in the range of Adidas watches that is staid and stationary. They all exude movement, a constant dance of time that seems to capture an everlasting flow of something just around the corner.

Adidas watches don’t tend to use very much blatant colouring their design. They are often just plain black and white with perhaps subtle shades of dusty blue and the occasional red, orange, green or purple, overlapped by mechanical silver sometimes. The emphasis is always on elegance, and this is undoubtedly one of the most elegant of all modern watches. One other more obvious feature that makes Adidas watches so popular is their price. They are not a highly expensive watch making them very accessible to everyone who wants one.


This is a watch backed by solid German engineering, the kind of meticulous precision manufacturing that the country is so rightly famous for. When that is coupled with a flowing stylistic design of latent motion that is rarely found elsewhere on any object, it becomes obvious that Adidas watches are much more than just a timepiece. They are an item that anyone would be proud to wear, and offer a wide range of colours and designs to suit all age ranges, regardless of tastes, style preference and budget.

The Enduring Attraction of Designer Watches

Designer watches have an appeal that has lasted generations. No one would question the attraction of such names as Ice watches and Police watches. But what is it about these watches that makes them so appealing even today?

Perhaps it is the simple elegance of a designer watch that makes it so appealing. There is nothing quite like the refined image of a finely-crafted watch on your wrist. Whether attending an important function or going to a social event, an expensive watch never looks out of place.

For people who take style seriously, Rotary Aquaspeed watches and BCBG Max Azria watches are never to be looked down upon. There are some names that ooze quality and elegance, and they will always make an impression wherever they are worn. Perhaps that is why designer watches are so popular, because they can make a strong impression at the right time on the right people in an understated and elegant manner.

A pricey watch is also an impressive status symbol. There is no better way to show off status in such a simple and understated manner. Without being showy, a designer watch makes the same impression on admirers but is a less obvious symbol of status.

Designer watches also have practical reasons for being so attractive. The fact that most up-market watches are made on the back of decades of experience by master watchmakers means that they often come with a durability unmatched in other watches. Whereas some watches are not designed to last a lifetime, a good designer watch created by a respected company is something that can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

But overall, maybe it is the simplicity of a designer time-piece that is its main appeal. In this day and age when technological advancements are constantly changing the world around us, there is some comfort to be taken in the simple, eternal familiarity of a well-made watch. It is something that no amount of technological advancements will ever be able to replace, guaranteeing that the designer watch remains a popular accessory for many generations to come.


Designer watches such as Ladies Guess watches and Adidas watches are simple, elegant status symbols that are built to last. The enduring quality and appeal of a designer watch will make sure they are around for many years to come, but whatever the attraction for you, choose yours carefully and you’ll know that you have made a very good investment.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!

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Why Should You Pay More for an Expensive Watch?

A watch is different to many other accessories because it is something that you normally wear on a daily basis. It is a highly personal item, an expression of your personality and style, and it is therefore important to choose the right one.

But when it comes to choosing a watch, whether you are a fan of One watches or Sekonda watches, you’re going to be faced with a number of greatly varying prices, some of which will seem quite high. So is it worth getting a more expensive watch, or should you stay with the cheaper models?

The one thing you will almost certainly be getting when you buy a more expensive watch, whether you opt for Police watches or Rotary watches, is a quality product. Quite often cheaper watches lack the craftsmanship of the more established and expensive names, and that will often mean that your watch won’t last as long.

If you want a watch to last you a lifetime and continue working in good order for many years to come then you should consider it as an investment, and it is worth spending a bit more on it in this case.

Many of the best watch brands, such as Philippe Starck watches and Ted Baker watches, come with longer warranties, sometimes lifetime warranties. If you want to be sure that your watch is secure from defects and that you won’t be wasting your money then it is always better to pay for a more expensive watch and enjoy the security that comes with higher quality.

If you have a specialist hobby, such as diving, then you will probably want to pay more for a watch that specialises in this field. Rotary divers’ watches are one example, but there are other brands that have extensive experience in the field of specialist watches to ensure that you don’t buy a watch that breaks after just a few times in the water.

A more expensive watch can also be an impressive status symbol, which is more important for some people than others. But if you really want your watch to make an impression wherever you go then it is always worth investing in an expensive, timeless design that will remain in fashion for the rest of your life.


It can be tempting to choose a cheaper model when faced with all of the watches on the market, and sometimes that will be the better option for you. But consider all of the benefits of choosing a more expensive option, and if any of them appeal to you then it is probably worthwhile paying more and getting a watch that you will be happy with for many years.

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Watch Buying Guide – 5 Features of a Good Watch

Though it is quite natural to feel spoilt for choice with so many watch-manufacturing companies introducing new designs, price tags, sizes, materials, techniques and features in a wide range of watches, shopping for watches can be a bit confusing for first time buyers.

This article aims at providing a watch buying guide for those new to watch shopping and presents a handy overview of the top 5 features of a good watch so buyers know what they should be looking for in a quality timepiece.

Some Latest Developments In The Watch Making Industry

Researching the current watch making industry and learning about available brands and corresponding price tags for the designs you like best is a smart way to begin your watch-buying plan.

Changing trends, new materials, latest styles in watches as well as celebrity picks for top end designer watches are all deciding factors for most watch buyers keen on making an informed shopping choice when it comes to buying quality watches.

Being a smart shopper when it comes to watches means knowing where to find bargains, being able to source reputed retailers of designer or luxury brands, trusted merchants stocking antique watches, stores dealing with chunky sports watches and other special types that would be easy to miss out on – without a bit of homework.

5 Features of a Good Watch

Personal shopping experts recommend that first time buyers of branded watches look out for the best combination in terms of the most important factors influencing watch quality, which are namely, Budget, Aesthetics, Materials, Shape and Lifestyle.

There are many affordable yet trendy and durable watches launched by international manufacturers today that combine style, functionality, accuracy and pocket-friendly aspects in them, offering multi-functional features in the $300-$1000 range.

Handy Hints For First Time Watch Buyers

Visit online forums discussing trendy timepieces or best designer watch sites to learn about the best bargains on the net. Type ‘hot deals’ or ‘discounted watches’ in the major search engines and look out for festive price slashes or auction sites for affordable watches.

For those keen on easy night viewing on their watch, a timepiece incorporating LED technology is recommended.

Opt for the novel two-tone look favored by celebrities sporting designer watches, which is usually a combination of two precious metals or buy a watch made of the latest materials like carbon and ceramic for a watch that ensures second glances for you each time you sport it!

Go basic and then move on to bigger brands once you are confident of your watch buying skills so you don’t end up paying high end prices of a designer watch only to be stuck with a fake luxury watch – remember, replica makers abound in the online world and make a profit off ill-informed buyers who cannot distinguish an original from a designer replica.

If you are keen on a branded luxury watch, make it a point to only shop at a reputed local jewelry store, where you can verify the quality of metal, gemstones, series, complexity of hand-finish if applicable) and other elements that can only be judged in person, thus, avoiding Internet rip-offs.

Check the strap or band of the chosen watch for its finish and also the manufacturer’s warranty on replacement of parts and servicing so you can invest in a quality watch and ensure after sales support too.

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Bird Watching in the Cool and Misty Kinabalu Park

If you are a keen bird watcher, why not consider a whole new experience of bird watching in an utterly different destination? Borneo, the elusive nature and adventure-based destination is increasingly earning recognition as a bird watching hotspot. One of the most acclaimed bird watching sites here is none other than the UNESCO’s listed World Heritage Site, Kinabalu Park.

Gazetted in 1964 and covering an area of 754 square kilometers, this flora and fauna paradise also boasts the fabled Mount Kinabalu, which peaks at 12, 455 feet above sea level. The Park encompasses a wide range of habitats, with lowland rain forest found in the Poring Hot Springs region (around 550 meters above sea level), and lower montane forest around the Park Headquarters (1,500 meters). On the eastern part of the park (2, 000 meters), you can also find mesmerizing montane forest enveloping the area around Mesilau Nature Resort.

At 1500 meter above sea level, the cool climate of Kinabalu Park makes it ideal for bird watching without very much hassle from the sunny heat. Enthusiastic birdwatchers are intrigued with the facts that 326 bird species were recorded in the park, which include 58 montane birds and 17 of which are endemic Bornean species. What is more, Kinabalu Park is also reputed to be populated by 77 per cent of the total bird species in Borneo.

You can start watching and photography as early as six every morning. Get your watching gear ready and look out for the Mountain Blackbird, Mountain Leaf Warblers, the endemic Mountain Blackeye and many other species of birds!

Why You Should Make Trend Watching a Vital Part of Your Product Creation Process

Industry experts– people responsible for the product creation process in big corporations-know that staying on top of trends and incorporating them into their product creation process is an important way to give their products some extra push in the marketplace.

Now, thanks to numerous free trend watching sites and even many paid, professional trend-watching services, you can be as informed as industry experts. You can know when new trends are emerging, what current trends will turn into long-term, even stable parts of the consumer culture, and what trends are dying out, never to be seen again.

Consumers have a deep need to take part in trends. When a trend is hot, they want to own a piece of it, wear it, drive it and otherwise show that they are in tune with the current culture.

By incorporating a trend into every product you create, or creating multiple versions of one product, each slanted toward a different trend, you give consumer one more compelling reason to open their wallets and purchase your product.

Incorporating a trend can be as simple as including the trend name and altering your material to contain some information related to the trend.

For instance, you could add the word “green” to grab on to the current fascination with ecology and environmentalism. An easily overlooked book on home heating and cooling becomes a real attention grabber when you name it “The Green Guide To Earth-Friendly Heating And Cooling For Your Home.”

As a further example, you could take advantage of the current trend toward greater ethnic diversity in the United States by creating multiple versions of your product and aiming each one toward a different ethnic group. The Guide To Social Networking could easily be altered into “The Latino Guide To Social Networking” by adding references to Latino-based social sites and web sites.

Knowing what trends are emerging and which are growing stronger gives you an extra edge in the marketplace. Because words and images that reflect hot trends have the ability to tap into people’s unconscious desires, they can bring extra attention to your products and sales materials.

That is why you should make trend watching a vital part of your product creation process.

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What Women Want From Their Watches

If you are set the task of finding a new watch for a woman, whether she is your friend, relative or wife, there are a few things that you may want to know first before you make your decision.

There are some typical things which are important considerations for anyone choosing a watch for a woman, whether you want to buy Sekonda watches, L.E.D. watches or any other brand. So take a look at the following tips and see whether they can help you to make your decision.

The Importance of Elegance

Unless you are looking for Rotary Divers watches or a sporty model like Adidas watches, you may want to remember that elegance is often a highly sought-after quality in ladies’ watches.

It is not hard to see which watches are the most elegant, but if you are in doubt then ask the sales assistant or do some research to find out what qualities you should be looking for so that the receiver of the watch will be able to wear it to the best parties and events and feel fantastic doing so.

Choose Something Fashionable

One good trick is to flick through the pages of a fashion magazine and find out which models are fashionable at the moment. Look at what the celebrities are wearing and if there is a celebrity who you know is admired by the person for whom you are buying your watch then it may be a good idea to choose the same watch or brand.

Whether you are considering choosing DKNY watches, Citizen watches or any other model, there are many models available, so this could help you to narrow your search down.

Choose Quality

Whatever the style or however fashionable the watch, most women will want to receive something which is of a high quality. No one wants to receive a new watch only to find that it does not last longer than a few months.

A good watch can last for many years with the right care and attention, whether you are choosing Ted Baker watches, Police watches or something else, so make sure you go for quality.

Make it Meaningful

If the gift of a watch is going to be something special then make sure it is meaningful. Show that you have put some time into thinking carefully about your choice so that you can explain why you chose the model in the first place. Don’t just chose the first one you find, but spend time looking through the Kenneth Cole watches, Guess watches and other models available until you find the perfect model.


Find Her the Perfect Watch

Whatever watch you end up buying, whether Ice watches, Bulova watches or other brands, make sure that you take note of the above tips and you will find it easier to find the ideal watch. There are so many models out there that it can be hard to find the perfect watch, so keep these tips in mind and then go and find the ideal model.

Martyn Bramley invites you to take some time out and think about treating yourself to a new watch!